The U.S. Senate run-off in Georgia is considered very significant because the outcome of this race will determine which party has a majority in the Senate.  A democratic majority will greatly help President-elect Biden pass legislation and move forward with his agenda.  Currently, the Senate has a Republican majority and is comprised of :

          Republicans - 50

          Democrats - 46

          Independents - 2 (Caucus with democrats)

If the Democrats win the two Georgia seats the Senate will be split equally among the two parties, and Vice President elect Kamala Harris will be the deciding vote.  

The two democratic candidates running for the U.S. Senate are:

John Ossoff 

Raphael Warnock 

You can contribute today to an individual candidate campaign by clicking on the respective name above or you can contribute to the Elect Democratic Senators site:


Together let us help elect these two senators and give President-elect Biden a democratic Senate majority!