Ohio Elections

Ohio with a population of 11.7 million has 18 electoral votes. The state’s importance stems from the fact that, since 1964, Ohio has always sided with the winning presidential candidate. Demographic data indicates that 79% of the voters are White and 17% are 65 and older, both numbers are above the U.S. national average. These figures along with Trump’s pledge to bolster the economy and reinvigorate domestic manufacturing gave him a decisive 8-point lead over his opponent Hillary Clinton.

However, in the 2020 presidential election the state of affairs are different. Trump is now running on his own performance and policies. Unemployment is up, thousands have lost their job in manufacturing, and COVID-19 cases are going up at the rate of 2800 per day. 92% of coronavirus deaths are in the age group 60 and above, 56% of who voted for Trump in 2016. All these factors are expected to boost Biden’s chances in the swing state. Polls show Trump and Biden in a close race within the margin of error.

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