Battleground State: Georgia

Georgia with 16 electoral votes seems to be undergoing one of the most competitive elections of 2020. There are 7.2 million registered voters with many incoming voters young and racially diverse making the Republican-leaning state more of a battleground state. Georgia has voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 8 out of 10 elections between 1980 and 2016. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 5 percentage points. This election, Georgians will be voting for President/Vice President, two U.S. Senate seats (including one special election) and 14 U.S. House seats.

Georgia continues to break records in by-mail voting. As of October 16, 2020 there were 625,645 by-mail ballots cast. This is a 615% increase since 2016. Also, Georgia voters have turned out in record numbers to vote during early in-person voting. Since in-person voting commenced on October 12, 706,695 ballots have been cast, an increase of 47% since 2016.


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